Fallen Angels

It is believed that the spirit pervades all creation and that every creature possesses a soul in some degree, though not necessarily a soul conscious to itself. The tree, the waterfall, the grizzly bear, each is an embodied force, and as such an object of reverence.
Ohiyesa, Sioux 1902 (aka Charles Eastman)


Bandit Pine Bars (AKA) Moose was donated to our program by the Ebner Family in 2012. He was an American Quarter horse who enjoyed spending time napping in the pasture. If you wanted to make an instant friend, all you had to do was bring him a green apple. They were his weakness.

Moose received his wings on 11/8/2018.

“Kiss to heaven forever in our hearts”
“Run free”


AJ AKA Applejax had a very interesting and heart warming story:

Years ago when Rose, our barn manager, was just a teenager she owned AJ. Sadly she had to sell him. Several years later Robyn, our director, was told about him and the horrible conditions he was living in. Robyn and her family rescued AJ, brought him back to health, gave him the happiness he deserved and promised him a lifetime of love.
AJ’s caring, easy going manners made for the perfect therapy pony. He was on loan to RHF.

This is where it gets interesting ;) 

AJ was “ featured” as our horse of the month on Facebook where he popped up on Rose’s newsfeed Christmas morning.  Rose called the farm, came out to visit her old friend and became part of the RHF family. 

AJ Received his wings on 1/4/2021.

“May your heart of gold shine bright over the program”
“Run free AJ, like the wind” 

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