Meet the Horses

Here at Riding High Farm, we are extremely proud of our horses! RHF makes every effort to acquire our equine staff from rescues, and most of our horses have found themselves homeless in the past and in need of a second chance. Our horses come from second and third careers such as law enforcement, racing, show careers and even the rodeo. RHF uses these horses to help promote mental wellness and emotional growth, along with physically strengthening the rider, in what is known as Equine-Assisted Activities and Services. Some may even say that our horses are therapists themselves! Therapeutic riding allows them to give back and use their special skills and personalities to bond with people. Horses helping people!

Get to know all of Riding High Farm’s Special animals; find a favorite below, and choose a way you can sponsor that animal.


Argo, AKA Still Waters, is an off the track race horse that not only won in the USA but in Puerto Rico. He was used for grooming sessions only and was an excellent subject for our students. During the summer you could find him splashing in his water bucket and making a real mess of things.


Brandon has been with the program for over 25 years. He enjoys semi-retirement but helps out when his “Steady Eddy King of the Service Lift” is needed for wheelchair riders.


Brody, Aka Pocket Prince, is a registered Appaloosa. He was a rescue with quite an impressive history. For many years Brody was a search and rescue horse. He retired and was given a new home with a family; unfortunately, they had to give him up as they went into retirement. Brody joins us in his second career, enjoys working with our clients and has proven to be an excellent therapy pony.


Duncan has a puppy dog personality as well as a been there, done that, whatever attitude. He was donated to our program after he found himself “outgrown” by his former owner that moved on to a larger horse.

Forest the Cat

Forest was found abandoned at only a few hours old in a wood pile. He was bottle raised by the Struz family but soon realized he had a disability as he wasn't moving or nursing like other kittens. After consulting with a veterinarian, it was determined he had Down syndrome. We found the best suitable place for him.

Forest joined the Riding High family in 2018 and has fast become the farm mascot, always around to give a little cuddle when needed or chase a blowing leave for a giggle or two. He is spoiled and loved by all.


Gabe is an Arabian horse who had a long show career before he was donated to the program. He loves getting treats from the kids. He is also the king of booboos. So, if you see him walking around with a horse size bandaid be sure to say hello.


Harpo is our Riding High Farm Resident Greeter. He is the first one at the gate to say hello and beg for a treat. Harpo was rescued and donated to our program from a local auction. He came to us feral and just a baby. With lots of love, patience and training, he is a special mini to everyone at the farm.


Jetta was donated to our program in 2014 from Helping Hearts Equine Rescue. She came to the program very young with little to no training and over the years has grown into a wonderful caring partner to our younger clients. Jetta loves to play in the water.


Jinx was donated to us in 2016 by the Hill Family. He is our big guy and barn favorite with his "how can I help you" personality. His shiny white coat makes for lots of baths and fun for everyone.


Leo was donated to the program in 2019 after a short vacation from therapy to be a family horse, but he missed the constant hustle of the program life. He is a draft breed and not only does he like his riders but he also enjoys getting hooked up to a cart and taking to the road.


Magic Man was adopted from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation in 2010. Magic fits his name in so many ways. He is truly a gentle giant, the tallest horse in the program and the kindest soul.

Miss Blue

Miss Blue was donated to the program in April 2021. She is officially retired from the racetrack where she used to help other horses get ready for race day. Miss Blue is a bit of a Diva so be prepared to pamper her when you see her.

Mis'ta Magoo

Magoo AKA Mis’ta Magoo joined the team in June 2021. He’s helping us out with our growing population of adult riders. Mis’ta Magoo loves to be groomed and is a master of the trails.


Oreo was donated to us in 2016 from the Kampel family. He is our “Class Clown”. As one of the young guys in the herd, he is always causing or finding some kind of trouble. Don’t be surprised if you see him “horsing” around.


Reno was donated to RHF in 2015. He was a rescue that we agreed to take in and rehabilitate. It was a gamble, so we named him Reno and, thankfully, it all payed off! While some call him the grumpy old man of the herd, he has a huge heart, loves his job and has a safe place to call home.


Buster Blue Boy AKA Willis is a registered American Paint Horse. He is one of the most gentle horses to participate in the program. While his cute face makes him approachable, most people fall in love with his goofy personality. He tilts his head and makes a grunting noise when he is asking for treats. Willis is definitely a special part of this program and is better for riders who are just beginning.


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