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At Riding High Farm, our mission is to provide exceptional experiences and services to all who visit our farm. Whether you've joined us for therapeutic riding sessions, equine-assisted activities, or simply to connect with our wonderful horses, your feedback plays a crucial role in helping us grow and improve. Reviews and testimonials are not just words on a page; they are reflections of real experiences shared by our valued visitors, volunteers, and supporters.

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Sharing your experience is easy and greatly appreciated. You can leave a review using the contact form or by leaving a Google review. Your review could be a few sentences sharing a memorable moment or a detailed account of your overall experience - every contribution is valuable.

Your feedback not only helps us improve but also serves as a beacon for others seeking the transformative experiences Riding High Farm has to offer.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for helping us continue to make a positive impact through our programs and services. We look forward to hearing from you!


Looking forward to weekly Lessons

Some of you may be familiar with Riding High Farm located a few miles south of Allentown on Route 526 .   But for those who are unfamiliar, I would like to share some information about the amazing things they do to help the local special needs community as well as to provide Equine Assisted Activities to active, retired and families of active-duty soldiers.   Their mission is to enhance the lives of those with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges by creating a healthy bond between the riders and the uniquely trained horses.   

Riding High is a 501c non-profit organization and currently has twelve staff, many of whom are either PATH certified (or working towards that certification) and thirty-six active volunteers.  They give lessons to approximately 100 individuals weekly.  The instructors and volunteers all share a passion for helping people with special needs as well as their love for horses.  Each staff member is focused on the rider’s abilities and not their disabilities.    The volunteers are the life blood of Riding High Farms. . . there are Program volunteers, Maintenance volunteers, Administrative volunteers and volunteers who help with the Fundraising events. 

There are seventeen horses that are specially trained to work with the unique population they serve.  They use older horses because of their patient and calmer personalities.   Several factors are considered when pairing the horse and rider such as the size and personality of both horse and rider, and how often the horse is used for other lessons.  Riding High would not exist without the help of grants, donations and fundraisers as well as the lesson fees.   The costs associated with maintaining the horses include hay (approx. $2,500 per month) and vet bills (their medical needs increase with age, just as ours do.)

Riding High also offers a Skills Based Day Program.  This helps the participants develop skills in horse handling and care, feeding and nutrition, grooming and brushing, stable management and more.

How did I learn of Riding High?  Our son, Kevin, who is a non-verbal adult with autism and lives in Robbinsville, has been receiving lessons from Riding High for the past 4 ½ years.    As a student at Eden Autism in Princeton, he was exposed to riding briefly at Riding High at a young age (6-7) through Eden’s Adapted Physical Education program.  As an adult, we really were not sure how he would respond to the horses or staff, but he has come a long way and now with verbal instructions, can trot the horse around the ring without the horse being led by the instructor or volunteer.  And he so looks forward to those weekly lessons as evident by the smile on his face when he arrives at the barn.

For more information about Riding High or for those interested in supporting them by a donation or by volunteering, please contact the Director of Riding High, Robyn Struz using the contact form or by phone at 609-649-3760.

Sponsor a RHF Horse

Go to our new “Meet Our Animal Staff” page and read about all of Riding High Farm’s special animals that literally pull all the weight in our program. Find a favorite and choose a special way you can sponsor that animal. Just click on the “Sponsor a Riding High Horse” subpage below and learn how you can be a part of the great work here at RHF.